Richard Prentice

  • Email: No
  • Website: No
  • Medium: Any Medium, with materials such as egg shells, sand, earth, toner powder, pva glue for texture
  • Style: Abstract, Experimental, Improvised
  • Experience: I am self taught. Creating art is a sanctuary to me; a place from which flow themes, ideas and passion.
  • Prints: No
  • Artwork Cards: No
  • Original Art: Yes
  • Commissions: Occasional
  • Influence: Miquel Barcelo, Anselm Kiefer, Nigel Cook, Paul Klee, CY Twombly, Wyndham Lewis, Antoni Tapies, Jean Dubuffet, Terry Setch, David Tress, Kurt Jackson, Egon Schiele, William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Francis Bacon, Jean Coctea, Russell Mills, Samual Palmer, David Jones, Rembrandt van Rijn, Anthony Caro, John Cage, Max Ernst, Jean-Michel Basqiat, Odilon Redon, Pablo Picasso, Ralph Steadman
  • Commissions:  Occasional

Art is said to be therapeutic. That it is. It holds a special place in many peoples lives, either as spectator or practitioner. I enjoy both. My approach to painting is improvised; I have vague ideas of what I want to achieve, but working mainly abstract I am never sure what the final result will be. It lends some excitement to each project. An unknown family motto, “Prodesse Quam Conspici” translates as “to be of service rather than to be gazed” is a belief. Once started I tend to work quickly and I am still learning the process of knowing when to stop. Revealing all relevance is the aesthetic colours. I tend to minimalise use of colours unless I think they are essential. Shapes, textures and beliefs form the core of my work. To conclude with a motto of my own “I believe in what I am doing, but I don’t know what I am doing until I have done it.”

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