Member of the month


Annie Davenport

I am enjoying more time now to explore new painting techniques, with time to experiment and create some of the paintings that I have not had the opportunity to do before.


Andrew Eddleston

Andrew is one of the longest members of OBA since the group was formed in 2000.
I have been potting, now, for over thirty years.
In that time I have worked as a production potter, taught, been a technician, run workshops and creative projects. 
Currently I am a tutor for Frome Community Pottery and technician.
I have always made my own work. It is mainly thrown domestic ware, made from a smooth terracotta clay with slip decoration and finished with transparent coloured glazes. 
Recently I have gone back to using the technique of raku. I have been making chickens, finished with lustrous glazes and vases using the decorative technique of horse hair and feather raku.

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