Janet Jackson

3rd November 2020 – telephone call with Caroline

J – I think it’s about time we did some updating on the website. How about we change the front page a little, change the format of the images, move things around a bit.

C – I think that’s a great idea, would you like me to do that?

J – Can you do an email to the members asking them for more information so we can let people know what we are doing. We’ve spent a bit of time in our holiday home but I suppose we won’t be able to go for a while with the second lockdown.

C – Well we are all well here, both my kids are working thank goodness although I suspect they will get furloughed but my husband is busy with work and I’m doing lots of experiementing with watercolours. Oh and the dog keeps eating the furniture.

We actully said a lot more than this but we don’t want to bore you!

Penny Lloyd

4th November 2020 Email

Hello Everyone

I cannot believe we are entering another lockdown.

Still, this Autumn we had a short holiday in Dorset giving me chance to make watercolour sketches and photographs.I was so pleased to see the sea once again.

I am also doing a Future Learn course on line so this will keep me busy for five weeks.

Everyone keep well, regards, Penny

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