Andrew Eddleston

Email: Andrew


Medium: Pottery and ceramics

  • Medium Pottery and ceramics
  • Style: Hand-made decorative domestic pottery, garden-ware, modelled forms, commemorative pieces, one off pieces
  • Experience: Ceramics BA Hons degree and over 25 years a self employed potter and tutor
  • Commissions: Yes

I am interested in surface decoration; the detail and quality of the finished piece, whether it is from a batch or a one off. I make a range of domestic-ware, including chicken eggcups, jugs, bowls, coffee cups, mugs and plates. These come in several finishes, such as; high-fired glaze painted slipper a rich vibrant blue with subtle variations from the kiln firing. I make one-off burnished pieces (mainly vase) which are slip decorated,burnished,lustred,smoked and then polished. These pieces are unglazed and display a tactile eggshell surface quality, beneath of which lies a wispy smokiness.

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