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Cam Valley Arts Trail 2014

The Cellar, Paulton on Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd November
11.00am – 5.00pm

Exhibiting at this venue are Old Bakery Artist members:

  • Penny Lloyd
  • Frank Reeves
  • Keith Wisbey
  • John Collins
  • Josie Meaking
  • Allayne Treadway
  • Richard Prentice
  • John Ogden

Saturday Demonstrations
12.00pm – Penny Lloyd and John Collins, painting
2.00pm – Keith Wisbey, Sculpture
3.00pm – Hazel Williams, performing monologues
Sunday Demonstrations
1.00pm – Frank Reeves, painting
2.00pm – Hazel Williams, performing monologues

Cam Valley Brochure