Guest Artist of the Month

Frank Silver

Frank has been woodturning for about 35 years, and has been fiddling with pieces of wood from an early age, he is self taught. Even during his time in the Royal Air Force, he was always making small jigs and tools to make the job easier.

After retiring he had more time to learn  and try out new ideas, and discovered that, if you let it, turning can become addictive, especially when making pens.  He works not only in wood, but also acrylic, which is very good for pen making. He happily takes on commissions.

Christine Wheeler

I rediscovered my love of painting about 5 years ago and although never having had any formal training find that my work has been well received in exhibitions and by many people.

I mainly paint on canvas using acrylic as I find it to be a very versatile and fun medium.

I often found myself thinking that a photograph doesn’t always capture the very essence of a particular scene I may be looking at, so In my work I aim to really draw out feelings of peace, calm, tranquility, light and colour.

My paintings are not very often copied from photographs but are mainly inspired by images held in thought while travelling around our beautiful countryside.

Fredy Jones

The gallery is also featuring beautiful engraved glasswork by Fredy Jones, who will be Guest Artist of the Month in March. Find Fredy on Facebook as “Fredy’s Art”

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