Josie Meaking

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Medium: Silk Paintings for flowers, Oil Paintings for fruit and vegetables

Style: Organic Form

Experience: I have had an interest in art and crafts since my childhood, concentrating on a wide range of crafts and Watercolour painting. Upon retirement I took a two year art college course, which introduced me to new painting mediums and styles. I went on to run my own painting workshops to introduce others to silk painting.

Influence: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Shirley Travena, Paul Cezanne and William Turner.

Commissions: Yes

Prints: No

Artwork Cards: Yes

Original Art: Yes

Josie Meaking

I love the diverse colour and texture of flowers, fruit and vegetables and I’m eager to convey this in my paintings. I work mainly in silk paint on silk and oils. Painting flowers on silk gives them a sheen, fragility and translucency like no other medium. I find oils provide me with a medium that transfers well into the texture and diversity of fruit and vegetables.