Jill Eade

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Medium: Watercolour, Oils, Acrylic

Style: Traditional, Landscapes, Portraits

Experience: I joined an art class in Timsbury, then went on to join the Wells Painting Group. I was then incredibly proud to be accepted as a member of the Old Bakery Artists.

Influence: David Curtis.

Commissions: Occasional

Prints: No

Artwork Cards: No

Original Art: Yes

Jill Eade

I won a school prize at handwriting way back in the 1950’s and that was the pinnacle of my artistic achievement. That was until nearly 45 years later, and never having picked up a brush other than those for emulsion paint, my cousin and I went on a painting break to Devon. There I discovered I could produce a piece of art, that I framed, which looked OK on my sitting room wall.

I’ll have a stab at trying any medium; my preference is oils because it is so forgiving, acrylic is quicker and watercolour. Watercolour produces the most beautiful effects that are sometimes out of the artists’ control, but is very satisfying when it works.

Despite its occasional frustrations (as my bin will testify) there is nothing better than to get an idea, decide the medium, squeeze the paint, switch to Radio 4, and just wax creative.